Realistic Airdrop

Instructions on how to download and install the basics of Realistic Airdrop.


After you bought Realistic Airdrop, you will see those on your Keymaster page. Download these.


  • Open config.lua and change framework with your server framework.

Config = {
    framework = {
        name = 'ESX',                       -- Only ESX or QB or STANDALONE.
        scriptName = 'es_extended',         -- Framework script name work framework exports. (Example: qb-core or es_extended)
        eventName = 'esx:getSharedObject', -- If your framework using trigger event for shared object, you can set in here.


  • After basic configures, add these line to your server.cfg.

ensure rm_airdrop


  • If you did everything right you can now use the script.

  • You can use /createdrop command or can set time schedule for airdrops from config.

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