Functions & Events

Functions & Events

Get input value

OpenInput(label, 'FMMC_KEY_TIP10') string, string -> return string or '' or nil

Create wait with spinner

DrawBusySpinner(label, second) string, int -> return true

Custom hack minigame

Minigame(password length, live) int, int -> return true or false

Get ped mugshot

GetPedMugshot(ped, transparent) ped, boolean -> return mugshot, mugshotTxdString

Help notification

ShowHelpNotification(label) string (need every tick)


ShowAdvancedNotification(title, subject, msg, textureDict, textureName, icon) -> return message id

Notification event

TriggerEvent('hackermod:client:notification', same as above) or TriggerClientEvent('hackermod:client:notification', source, same as above) 

Enable/Disable object

TriggerServerEvent('hackermod:server:sync', 'interactableObject', {type, GetEntityCoords(entity)}) -> Disable/Enable object for other players

Add cash

TriggerServerEvent('hackermod:server:cash', moneyCount) -> Give money to player bank account

Add botnet

TriggerServerEvent('hackermod:server:addBotnet', count) -> Add botnet PC to player data

Check action

triggerCallback('hackermod:server:checkAction', function(status) end, type) -> Check action cooldown and required botnet count

Stay on phone animation

keepAnimTask = true or false (Stay on phone animation)

Sound native

PlaySoundFrontend(-1, audioName, audioRef, true) (Sound effects native) (

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