Boombox with Watch Party

Instructions on how to download and install the basics of Boombox with Watch Party.


After you bought Boombox with Watch Party, you will see those on your Keymaster page. Download these.


  • Open cfg.lua and change framework with your server framework. You can use Boombox with Watch Party without framework. (standalone) You can also change the settings for the maxVolume, maxDistance etc.

Config = {
    framework = {
        name = "ESX", -- Only ESX or QB or STANDALONE.
        scriptName = "es_extended", -- Framework script name work framework exports. (Example: qb-core or es_extended)
        eventName = "esx:getSharedObject", -- If your framework using trigger event for shared object, you can set in here.
        command = "boombox",


  • After basic configures, add these line to your server.cfg.

  • Add the items and item images.

ensure rm_stream
ensure rm_props
ensure rm_boombox


  • If you did everything right, you can now run it using the item or with the /boombox command if you chose standalone.

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