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Instructions on how to download and install the basics of Illegal Corners.


After you bought Illegal Corners, you will see those on your Keymaster page. Download these.

Screenshot Screenshot


  • Open shared/cfg.lua and change framework with your server framework. You can use Illegal Corners without framework. (standalone) You can also change the settings for the default corner and selling options.

    cfg = {
        ['framework'] = 'qb', -- qb / esx / standalone
        ['currency'] = '$',
        ['iconsPath'] = 'qb-inventory/html/images',           --change this example for ox: 'ox_inventory/web/images'
        ['dispatchJobList'] = { 'police', 'sheriff', 'fbi' }, --dispatch alert job list
        ['takeCornerCommand'] = 'takecorner',                 --take corner start/finish command
        ['sellKey'] = 'e',
        ['sellKeyDescription'] = '',                          --keybind description for settings
        ['cancelKey'] = 'g',
        ['cancelKeyDescription'] = '',                        --keybind description for settings
        ['moneyType'] = 'bank',                               --for qb framework cash or markedbills, for esx framework cash or black_money
        ['talkingTime'] = 1,                                  --seconds for talking
        ['sellChance'] = 75,                                  --percentage of chance will npc get any item (%)
        ['sellCooldown'] = 60000,                             --ms
        ['madChance'] = 30,                                   --%
        ['dispatchChance'] = 40,                              --%
        ['cornerDistance'] = 50.0,                            --minimum distance to start selling and walk away

  • For discord logs, you can edit webhook link in server.lua bottom.

    discord = {
        ['webhook'] = '',
        ['name'] = 'rm_illegalcorners',
        ['image'] = ''


  • After basic configures, add these line to your server.cfg.
ensure rm_stream
ensure rm_illegalcorners


  • If you did everything correct, go to default corner (201.62, -1020.74, 29.0). Type /takecorner to chat or console. Go to any buyer npc and you must see similar like this: