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Instructions on how to download and install the basics of Hacker V.


After you bought Hacker V, you will see those on your Keymaster page. Download these.



  • Open shared/cfg.lua and change framework with your server framework. You can use Hacker V without framework. (standalone)

    cfg = {
        ['framework'] = 'esx', -- qb / esx / standalone
        ['standaloneCommand'] = 'hackerphone', -- If you set framework to standalone, this command will be active
        ['adminCommand'] = 'givebotnet', -- /givebotnet playerId botnetCount
        ['phoneItem'] = 'hacker_phone', -- Usable phone item name. You should add database or shared with usable option.
        ['radarPanel'] = { ['x'] = 0.0857, ['y'] = 0.795 }, -- Screen position of the panel above the map

  • If you're using ESX framework, open fxmanifest.lua and which mysql script you are using, remove it from the comment line.

    server_scripts {
        -- '@mysql-async/lib/MySQL.lua',
        -- '@oxmysql/lib/MySQL.lua',

  • If you're using ESX or QBCore framework, you can set phone item name. Default item name hacker_phone and you need add this item to database or shared/items.

    INSERT INTO `items` (`name`, `label`, `weight`, `rare`, `can_remove`) VALUES
    ('hacker_phone', 'Hacker Phone', 1, 0, 1);
    ['hacker_phone'] = {['name'] = 'hacker_phone', ['label'] = 'Hacker Phone', ['weight'] = 0, ['type'] = 'item', ['image'] = 'hacker_phone.png', ['unique'] = false, ['useable'] = true, ['shouldClose'] = true, ['combinable'] = nil, ['description'] = '0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x'},

  • For discord logs, you can edit webhook link in server.lua bottom.

    discord = {
        ['webhook'] = '',
        ['name'] = 'rm_hackerv',
        ['image'] = ''

  • If you're using Hacker V standalone, you can set admins in server.lua bottom. (must be license)
    local standaloneAdmins = {


  • After basic configures, add these lines to your server.cfg.
ensure rm_hackervstream
ensure rm_hackerv


  • If you did everything correct, you can use hacker_phone item in game. After use, press Z and target mode will active.